about Ina Becker

From 1994-2000 I studied at the University of Stuttgart/Germany Computer Science Department. My major was - guess what - computer science...

Now I have to get up early because I have a real job (digital maps/navigation for a big German car manufacturer) to pay for my true passions - I am a jazz musician and cartoonist ;-)

Some things I do and did

My year in Amherst/Massachusetts 1997/98

Just to get outta here for a while, I spent the The 97/98 academic year at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst Computer Science Department. But I had to realize that most of my everyday life did not really change. I lived in this beautiful house together with Nancy, an illustrator which was perfect because I'm a cartoonist. She's very nice and tolerant which was perfect because I'm a drummer. I was very proud of my first car which brought me across the continent twice without ever breaking down. Very nice, since I know zero about cars. It's just that I now can at least talk *as if* I knew more...

In my second term I concentrated more on the "learn about the foreign culture" part of the student exchange experience. I took a music class and Spanish (very attractive TA - !Hola, Luis!). Besides that I got an offer from the German author Wolfgang Wulz in Germany to illustrate his book on the history of nicknames of small villages around Heidenheim (southern Germany). This was a lot of fun. Most of the drawings I did at one of my favorite places, the Montague Book Mill, a funky little bookstore cafe. Wednesday nights I usually could be found at the Blue Moon Cafe in downtown Amherst playing jazz with George, Don, Guy and Richard and whoever else joined the session. (right... I forgot to mention Chris, a very handsome bass player ;-)) If you live anywhere near Amherst, go check them out. Also tasty food (Falafel!) and smoothies. Here are some more pictures from the Blue Moon

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